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Incarcerated but Not Hyphenated

I received an invitation to a professional meeting focused on hiring “formerly-incarcerated talent (FIT).” FIT–that’s a catchy acronym. But what caught my attention more was the unnecessary use of the hyphen. Did you notice it? These are formerly incarcerated (not…

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Top Grammatical Error of 2018–Do You Avoid It?

When a newspaper makes the mistake on the front page of the sports section, you know an error has spread. The writer, copyeditor, and proofreader all missed it. Can you recognize it? When I saw that error in a Seattle…

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Simple, No-Cost Gifts to Give

In many parts of the world, December is a month of giving gifts. On the job, you can give simple gifts this month and every day of the year with very little effort and no cost. Like the smile that…

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8 Famous Authors and Their Favorite Writing Spots

"As writers, we all have that place in our house where we tend to be more creative and the words just come a little easier for us. If you are serious about writing as a career or even a side job, it’s extremely important to find this place. . . ."

Image: Charles Dickens

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Another Sign for You to Proofread

My friend Eric W. sent me a sign that needs your proofreading eye. What would you change? Please share your recommendations in a comment. If your company or organization has a sign-making department, suggest that one of its team members…

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Seven Communications Trends Worth Knowing About

"No matter how well your current system works, someone is always looking to find a better way. This isn't a bad thing: Stronger approaches mean more efficiencies and solving sticking points that can cause grief for everyone involved. But there are a lot of potential solutions being explored out there, ranging from introducing artificial intelligence and blockchain tech to better handle data to trends focusing on improved storytelling and content creation."

"So how do you know what trends to pay attention to and which to ignore? To help point you in the right direction, seven members of Forbes Communications Council describe the major trends they see coming in their industry in the next two years and what these changes may mean. Here’s what they had to say: . . ."

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Take Time to Think Inside the Box

My daughter enjoyed an attraction called Enchant Christmas, which is currently in Seattle. I thought I’d like to go too, so I checked out the website on my phone. I was surprised that Enchant was also being offered in Arlington,…

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Networking Is Really in the Notes

"Whether you’re a newly-minted associate or a seasoned partner, the message that you need to be “networking” never goes away."

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What is GTD (Getting Things Done)?

"People often ask us, “So, what is GTD?” If you’re new to GTD or have been looking for a succinct way to explain it to others, check out this short video where David Allen shares the keys to the Getting Things Done® methodology. Hear why GTD can help you feel more in control and give you greater perspective, personally and professionally."

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Three Quests for Errors

Are you feeling smart and alert today? Test yourself in the three short passages below. Each “Error Quest” has just one error. Find and correct it. Error Quest 1: Since you asked, this is RoAnn’s and my suggestion: We believe…

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